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Welcome to Foshan jing ri plastic products co., ltd.

Strong corporate strength

Foshan jingri plastic products co., ltd.mainly developed plastic mold, plastic products, furniture fittings, since its inception in 2000, to provide a variety of standards and specifications of a series of plastic products, packaging products, furniture, plastic accessories with excellent quality and service industries.

Product advantage is strong, quality is fine

Professional design team, product design, use, the use of high quality raw materials injection molding, durable, complete specifications, reasonable price. And according to your special requirements for tailor-made and a variety of protection solutions, products are widely used in paper industry, electrical appliances, furniture, hardware, wood, packaging film and other industries

Exquisite technology and advanced equipment

The company has a number of high-end technical backbone and professional production personnel, the company has strong technical strength, perfect equipment. Equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, has 120-450 tons of injection molding machine more than one, specializing in the production of plastic parts, providing mold customization, injection molding processing.

About us

    Foshan Jing ri plastic products Co., Ltd.. enterprises in Foshan City, superb manufacturing equipment, customer service and thoughtful service, we adhere to the "quality of survival, to win credibility" business purpose bigger and stronger! To build a more professional and comprehensive furniture accessory plastic packaging company in Foshan and the Pearl River Delta region. The main plastic products, including furniture, plastic parts, pipe plug socket, plug casing plastic pipe, ribs furniture round sleeve, adjustable foot machine, foot, leg, foot machine, rubber foot accessories furniture: Furniture packaged with plastic corner corner corner corner stone marble bag packaging industry angle glass cornerite Jiaomen bathroom mirror corner, corner box, electrical packaging corner, three corner, corner, kitchenware, plastic packing buckle paper for Kok, shoe four pass joint series of packaging products, variety, complete specifications, and for terminal customers with appropriate packaging supplies. In the future development of the road, the company will continue to increase advanced equipment, continue to go beyond, to more enthusiastic service, more reasonable prices, better quality, to meet customer packaging needs, create a better future! Business contact: Mr. Zhang 189259700120757-83878371 Fax: 0757-83878372 Jing Tian company wholeheartedly provide you with the best products and services in all directions.

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