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Welcome to Foshan jing ri plastic products co., ltd.
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Plastic cross piece, L - shaped plug, Y - shaped pieces, doors and Windows plastic parts, T - shaped piece Angle code
2017-11-10 8:59:00

The plastic parts of the doors and Windows produced by our company are made of plastic materials, which are of good durability and toughness.

Use: sliding door door door hollow glass door aluminum alloy door hollow decorative lattice plug

Specification: 7 * 15 cross, 7 * 15 y, 15 l, 7 * 7 * 15 plug, 10 * 22 cross, 10 * 22 y, 10 * 22 a glyph, 10 * 22 l, plug within 10 * 22, 10 * 22 ChanAo mainly supply various shapes of decorative flower joint, riffle plug! T, Y, L, etc. Because small articles, no single sell, more than a pack of goods! Undertake all kinds of plastic mould design and finished product production and sales, sincerely recruit dealers all over the country, welcome to negotiate!

Specializing in the production of aluminium alloy door connector hollow decorative articles, plug-ins, connector plug, cross pass head l-shaped head straight Angle of plug-in code by one word, norms diversity, apply sliding door sash hollow glass door open Hollow aluminum alloy door decoration article, plug-in selects the high quality PE raw material injection molding, welcome to inquire order! Foshan city daily plastic products co., LTD. Is specialized in rubber products, plastic products, production of various kinds of hardware products, plastic accessories, cross interface, L interface, a word frame joint, door and window plastic accessories joints, prevent heavy anti-collision glue, edge-sealing anti-collision glue, rubber button anticollision, touch beads, positioning fittings such as rubber, norms diversity, fashionable, suitable for all kinds of doors and Windows, sliding door, mobile, aluminium alloy door, heavy door, glass door and so on, the product sells in distant markets at home and abroad, quality assurance, good faith service, price is superior, with continuous efforts, adhere to the principle of high quality wumart, service to the masses of customers. Welcome to inquire, the sample, business line: 189259,70012 zhang sheng!

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