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Gels, iron legs, angular tubes
2017-11-9 11:57:15

Production and supply of 50 x50, 40 x40, 30 x30, 25 x25 23 x23 Angle Angle plastic MATS, used for Angle form at the bottom of the foot, have prevent slippery beautiful and protect the floor from scratch effect. Applied to hardware plastic table and chairs, iron, steel cabinet, dining table, stainless steel products such as furniture, the product has the following features:

1. Flexible and not brittle, excellent quality;

2 durable and not easy to break;

3 large quantities of goods, the price is low.

Welcome the customers to inquire, our factory can also be based on your samples or drawings and injection moulding production.

Production supply all kinds of Angle iron, iron tube, pipe, rubber feet, protect the surface from the iron pipe, Angle iron scratch, applied to hardware plastic table and chairs, iron bed, the furniture such as ark of steel, beautiful and protection effect! Welcome customers to inquire and order! We will be enthusiastic for each customer service, do you rest assured, I am relieved, really is doing a big and strong!

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